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At Visit University (registered “ADS Supplier” by Visit Britain) we believe in working with you to ensure that you are able to get the most informative experience possible from your trip to the UK

Our Sunday – Saturday programme is the missing link in your decision making process. See here for a typical programme outline and email us on info@visituniversity.co.uk for further information.

Why Study in the United Kingdom?

The UK has long been a popular destination from international students wishing to expand their horizons and gain valuable professional advantage.

Each year over 250,000 students will arrive in Britain for what will be for many the start of a life changing journey. Some of the key advantages Britain has to offer international students are:

· World leading institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge and the London School of Economics are located in the UK – four of the top 6 universities in the world are British

· In the recent Tracking International Graduate Outcomes survey over 88% of international higher education graduates stated that they were satisfied with their UK learning experience

· British universities are recognised as having a clear emphasis on independence, creativity and the development of research skills in their teaching methodology. These are core attributes international employers look for

· British universities have a high number of Indian, Chinese, American and Middle Eastern students, ensuring a strong support network for other students from those countries

· There is a guaranteed VISA for those who successfully apply for a job following graduate, should they wish to remain in the UK and meet the minimum salary requirement


I’m Shi Wenyue, a 22 Chinese girl coming from Shandong Province. Now I’m a fourth year student majoring in Finance in Shandong university of finance and economics. So my most interest course is finance and wish I could come to UK next to do a postgraduate about business!

Shi Wenyue (Lexi) is 3rd from the left in this photo

Hello, I’m Lexi and I’m a fourth year student in Shandong University of Finance and Economics. My favorite course of study is Finance and I’m studying it right now. My hometown is Shandong-Binzhou.

Day 1
We felt very tired but excited after almost 10 hours’ flight from Beijing to London because it’s our first time to UK. The nice Nick and Yuhui picked us up at Heathrow Airport and then they took us to the Newland Park where we met James (tour guide), checked into accommodation and had our dinner. In order to get ready for the next day, we went to bed very early.

Day 2
Today we had a quick tour around London and took so many photos. We had visited the Trafalgar Square, Westminster (but it’s a pity we didn’t have the chance to go inside to have a look), Downing Street, House of Parliament, Big Ben (there James told us the funny debate among parliamentarian), London Eye and Bank of England museum (where we had a touch of the gold bar which is so heavy). We travelled by London Underground which was great! Every spot had left me with deep impressions. In the evening we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in London.

Day 3
Nick took us to the Oxford today. We had a tour of Oxford University and visited Harry Potter dining room which is very exciting if you are a big fan of Harry Potter in Christ Church College. And then we met with staff of the University admission center and get to know information of enter requirements, fees and so on. In the afternoon, we had cakes and tea which is delicious at Oxford Cafe and had a tour of Oxford town center and the Ashmolean Museum. After the visit of Oxford uni, I found it had so many differences between uni in China such like the building structures, layout if colleges and so on. I think it must feel so good if I had the chance to study there…

Day 4
Today is a long day because I think what we would experience is a big challenge also a big gift for us. In the morning we went to the KCL which is my dream school finally!! In there Julie (current students of KCL) gave us a tour of the lecture theater, accommodation, Strand campus and cross the River Thames to visit the Waterloo Campus. Then we met with Sarah Crack (university official) and got to know information about the admission requirements.

After the tour of KCL we had our lunch in Barclays Capital office in Canary Wharf with Alex. Next was the presentation on careers in Finance and discussion with bank staff including Elliott, Alex and Dipan who shared insight into a career in Investment Banking.

We took the Emirates Sky Link across the River Thames after we left Barclays and the Sky Link stopped almost 5mins when we in our midway.

Finally we took the River Cruise back to central London before taking the train to accommodation.

I think today is memorable for me because I felt that I’m not afraid of speaking to people in English anymore. And the visit of KCL and Barclays gave me more motivations to study hard in order to study and even work in London.

Day 5
This is the 5th day in UK, Nick took us to Cambridge. We had the Punting on the River Cam with guide firstly, I had to say the scenery was really beautiful. Then we had our lunch in Fitzwilliam College with current international student Rui followed by a tour of Cambridge University. After the tour we met with University Officials who shared what our life would be like here.

Day 6
In the morning we went to the amazing Windsor Castle to have a visit. It’s really big and grand but it’s a pity that we can’t take photos inside the castle. We also saw the serious guard with the black high hat, you can imagine how cool he is!

Then we had our lunch at Subway on our way to Bath University. In the uni we met the Head of International recruitment- Tony. He introduced the uni and gave us some information about the undergraduate and postgraduate.

Another perfect thing was that we had much more free time to explore Bath town center. In the downtown we saw 3 street performances which were really cool! Then we had our dinner in Nandos which was great!

Day 7
Today is a relaxing day because it’s Saturday. In the morning, Nick picked us up at the train station and then took us to his sister’s home for branch to experience weekend life for a British person. What I had to say was that the Brunch was really nice. Homemade is always the best!

In the afternoon, we went to Notting Hill and then Oxford Street for shopping and I bought two hats. Then we visited the famous British Museum which is very big and amazing.

Day 8
It’s been the 8th day since we arrived at UK. Today we checked out the Newland Park and began to travel north. We went to another castle – Warwick Castle, which is so beautiful and memorable. So we spent our whole day inside to relax ourselves. In the evening, we had traditional Sunday Roast meal at riverside pub near Warwick. It’s a great experience for us.

Day 9
After 2 days which were relaxing, we moved to Warwick Uni today. In there we met the international official Danni and she gave us a presentation to introduce the Uni to us and then an undergraduate student took us for a tour around the campus. I had to say the Campus is really too big!

In the afternoon, we went to the Stratford Upon Avon for a visit and had delicious Chinese dinner there. We saw the performance of Henry VI in the Globe Theater. Although it was hard to understand the Shakespearean plays, the experience is unforgettable.

Day 10
Today is a busy day. In the morning we traveled to the city of Leeds for meeting Julie. She took us around Leeds for a tour and introduced the Leeds Uni to us. With our lunch in the car, we went to the city of York. In there Emma guided us a tour around York Uni, we have seen new campus facilities including velodrome and accommodation. Then we went to the center of York and saw the cathedral which is very old. After the tour of Leeds and York we had our dinner in the Mulan Chinese restaurant and then traveled to the Manchester, checked in the Radisson Hotel in the center of city. By the way, I like York much more contrast to the Leeds, because York is quiet and more beautiful.

Day 11
We spent 1 hour from Manchester to Liverpool. In Liverpool, we visit the Beatles Museum in the docklands area of the city and bought some souvenirs. Then we had a chance for some shopping in the John Lewis department store.

We had fish&chips for our lunch by the dockside in Liverpool’s most famous chip shop before we moved to Liverpool Uni. In the campus, a very elegant Chinese lady gave us an introduction and tour of the Campus.

Day 12
Today is our last day to visit the Unis .In the morning, we traveled to Manchester Uni for meeting with Manchester Business school and got to know information about the entry requirements. Then Charles and Kate took us for a tour around the colleges. We went to the Old Trafford Stadium before our tour to Birmingham Uni. In Birmingham, Michelle gave us a presentation about the Uni and s student gave us a tour around the campus.

Then we traveled to accommodation in Oxford and had our final celebration dinner with visit university team. Nick and Yuhui gave us certificates and photographs which were been took these days.

Day 13
It’s time to say goodbye…we had our lunch in the airport with Yuhui before departing. I miss these days we spent all day together. I miss you guys..