International Study in the UK

Choosing to come to the UK for a period of undergraduate or postgraduate study is a choice that tens of thousands of students make each year, from every corner of the world. Satisfaction rates are among the highest for any country, proving that when students come to the UK they get something special.  With a decision of such importance there is lots of research to be completed to ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge to select the right University and course for you.


Our tours are incredibly varied, to ensure all students are able to understand what studying in the UK would mean for them. During your trip to the UK you will be able to visit a range of Universities that are of interest to you. You will also have the opportunity to see the town in which that University is located, thereby ensuring you have a sense of both the institution and the location – crucial elements in your decision.

An important element of your planning will relate to University and UCAS deadlines. Please ensure you are familiar with them and arrange your tour to ensure you have time to reflect on your experiences in the UK before finally completing that application form!