University of Cambridge

No. of international students 6100 2013 Ranking 1
Student : Staff ratio 11.6 2014 Ranking 1
Engineering Undergraduate Postgraduate
Business Management Undergraduate Postgraduate


With a history stretching back 800 years (making it the second-oldest university in Britain), a rock-solid academic reputation, a wealth of lore and tradition, and some truly glorious architecture Cambridge has plenty of justification for its boast of being one of the best universities in the world. It is made up of 29 undergraduate colleges and the college you belong to will be the focus of your university life. They all have their own character, so choose with care. Academic pressure is intense, though most  find time to throw themselves into extracurricular activities on the side.

Cambridge itself is a dreamy place to be, with plenty going on if college life gets too insular.


Extensive resources are offered to students at Cambridge and include access to 114 libraries, eight specialist museums and collections, and the university botanic garden. Most student rooms are connected to the university network and wireless hotspots are available throughout the university. The colleges offer a variety of other resources and amenities, and each has its own common room and bar.

Cambridge is a small city and almost all the colleges and departments are fairly central – most students walk or cycle everywhere. The Uni4 bus service connects many departments and colleges, and a discounted fare is available to students. London is about an hour away by train. Stansted airport is nearby.